October 05, 2017

Hey guys and welcome back! 

Here is an inspired look from some of my favorite bloggers. I love following fashion bloggers on social media and if I find a look that I really like, I try to recreate it, using some affordable pieces. It's cool to have fun with certain looks you don't normally go for and get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes I discourage myself into thinking I can't pull off a certain look because I feel like I don't have "the look" to be a blogger, or wear certain outfits, but I say FUCK THAT! lol I'll wear whatever I want and I'll continue doing this whole blogging hobby because I do enjoy it . I remember when I was a teenager I would wear whatever I wanted, color coordinate however I wanted, and I did not care how "crazy" I looked to others. I need that girl back!


My favorite item about this look, is the shoes. Unfortunately, the website I purchased my shoes from are no longer available. So here are other websites with similar shoes. 

Last but not least, the amazing bloggers who inspired me!

The beautiful Farah. She's wearing the stunning Gucci Mules, I hope to one day purchase for myself. 

Here is the gorgeous Veronica, again wearing the same beautiful Gucci Mules. She wore a button down and also tied it up at the end. 

These 2 fabulous bloggers are the ones that made this look for me possible, by wearing similar Gucci styled mules, but way more affordable. I love to splurge on higher end brands when I can, but I also love a good dupe! #LOOKFORLESS

Thank you to the great bloggers, that do what they do & inspire little bloggers like myself!

Now that fall (my favorite season) is here, I can't wait to create some looks of my own.

Thank you guys for taking the time out to check out my post. Expect more #LOOKFORLESS blog posts in the future. Don't forget to follow & subscribe to my other social media sites! Have an awesome day!

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