June 29, 2017

Hey guys! I know it's been a long time since I've uploaded a blog post but I wanted to take a break and get my thoughts together. 

I am so excited to be back, I honestly love doing this, I love getting dressed up, taking pictures, editing them and posting them on my website! It's really therapeutic for me. I truly love this hobby and I wish I would have put my fears aside and did this whole blogging thing a long time ago. However, I'm here now and it's never too late! That's why I named this blog post "Believe in yourself" because I'm forever doubting myself and it's a really bad habit of mine.

This outfit is very casual and cute, perfect for a simply summer day. Out of this whole outfit my shoes would have to be my favorite, I love chunky heel shoes. These shoes were so affordable, believe it or not but I bought them at Kmart! Never doubt a good department store, they low-key be having some nice stuff! Don't be fooled by all the big name brands! Don't go broke, trying to act rich ladies! lol #BougieonaBudget 

Blouse: Old Navy
Shoes: Kmart
Clutch: Thrift Store

Stay tuned for my blog posts to come and thank you so much for stopping by! 

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